Welcome to MINDshare Events where we create distinctive, one-of-a-kind special events designed to make the right impact.

At MINDshare Events, we listen to the needs of every customer, and thoroughly enjoy producing customized, relevant marketing and publicity-focused events designed to INSPIRE.

With over 20 years of professional event planning and management experience working with non-profits and for-profit organizations alike, MINDshare Media’s Event Division creates marketing-focused events designed to meet your unique business goals and objectives. Our experienced team can help you increase awareness for a product, service or a new venture; increase foot traffic and purchases during a lag time in business; generate memberships and supporters for a cause; help customers feel appreciated; and/or enable you to be “heard” by key constituents.

MINDshare Specializes in the Following Types of Events: 705034_604691649567104_1438224588_o-1024x682

  • Publicity/Awareness-Branding/PR Events
  • Causal Marketing & Fund-Raising Events
  • Customized Branding/Marketing/Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Corporate/Executive/Business Events
  • Non-Profit/Public-Sector Events: Festivals, Fairs & Athletic Events

Non-Profit Solutions:

MINDshare Media has worked with non-profit organizations such as Municipalities, Business Associations, Community Organizations, and Tourism Bureaus to produce special events of nearly every size and scale in an effort to support a variety of organizational goals including but not limited to helping non-profits improve community relations; produce fund-raising and sponsorship opportunities, while providing donors and sponsors with significant “value” for their support; increasing tourism/traffic during slow or off-season periods of time; raise awareness for a cause or specific service via community events, open houses and/or town hall style meetings; and/or enhance brand awareness through the creation of events designed to resonate with target publics.

For-Profit Solutions: GrandRapidsStreetParty-1024x678

MINDshare Media understands that behind every successful event are definable business goals and objectives. We have worked with organizations of nearlyevery size and scale to produce marketing and publicity events designed to realize specific organizational marketing and publicity goals and objectives. How we work is relatively simple. We can can help augment your existing in-house team–or, we can provide your organization with an A-Z, turn-key event planning solution–delivering professional event planning, management and implementation services ranging from legal/compliance review, permits review/acceptance, budgeting, vendor and venue sourcing and negotiation, entertainment sourcing and booking, social media integration, itinerary planning, decor design, caterer review and menu design, keynote speaker procurement, guest check-in/concierge/welcome, VIP guest activities, and so much more! Please visit Corporate/Executive/Business Events for more information, or contact us so we can learn more about your goals!

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